Q.16 Zenner diode is used as

A. Amplifier

B. Rectifier

C. Filter

D. Voltage regulator

Ans.: D

Q.17 Unit of luminous intensity is ________.

A. Lux

B. Lumen

C. candela

D. Weber

Ans.: C

Q.18 _______ is active component.

A. Capacitor

B. Transistor

C. Resistor

D. Inductor

Ans.: B

Q.19  _______ has negative temperature coefficient.

A. Copper

B. Aluminum

C. Iron

D. Carbon

Ans.: D

Q.20 Calculate the synchronous speed of 3 phase, 4 poles, 50 Hz IM.

A. 1500 rpm

B. 3000 rpm

C. 1440 rpm

D. 2880 rpm

Ans.: A

Q.21 A resistance has 47-ohm resistance with ±5% tolerance. Color code for this resistance is

A. Yellow – Violet – Black – Gold

B. Yellow – Violet – Brown – Gold

C. Yellow – Violet – Black – Silver

D. Yellow – Black – Violet – Gold

Ans.: B

Q.22 Which rule is used to find the direction of current in the conductor in case of a generator?

A. Cork screw rule

B. Right hand thumb rule

C. Fleming’s left-hand rule

D. Fleming’s right-hand rule

Ans.: D

Q.23 There is a ______ between two nodes of signal flow graph

A. Branch

B. Link

C. Tree

D. Loop

Ans.: A

Q.24 Permittivity of free space is equal to

A. 1

B. 8.854 x 10^-9

C. 8.854 x 10^-12

D. 9 x 10^-9

Ans.: C

Q.25 Ward-Leonard system is used for

A. Excitation of alternator

B. dc motor speed control

C. voltage regulation of alternator

D. Voltage regulation of transformer

Ans.: B

Q.26 Two-watt meter method of power measurement is used for

A. Delta connected load

B. Unbalanced load only

C. Both balance and unbalanced load

D. Balanced load only

Ans.: C

Q.27 base of BJT is

A. Lightly doped

B. Not doped

C. Heavily doped

D. Moderately doped

Ans.: A

 Q.28 Which type of motor used in portable drilling machine?

A. Induction motor

B. Dc series motor

C. shaded pole motor

D. Universal motor

Ans.: D

Q.29 RMS value = _____ Maximum value

A. 0.636

B. 085

C. 0.707

D. 0.607

Ans.: C

Q.30 Which gate is known as universal gate?





Ans.: C

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