Q.21 Earthing switch is used for?
A. measuring of safety voltage
B. protection of equipment from ground faults
C. discharging residual energies
D. all of the above
Ans.: C
Q.22 Which of the following is the product of data processing?
A. information
B. Data
C. software program
D. System
Ans.: A
Q.23 The Electricity Act is applicable in____
A. all part of India
B. all parts of India except state of Jammu and Kashmir
C. all the states of India
D. in Gujarat only
Ans.: B
Q.24 In case the height of transmission tower is increased, which of the following parameter is likely to change?
A. Resistance
B. Inductance
C. Capacitance
D. None of the above
Ans.: C
Q.25 About how many times longer would a 10 watt light bulb be able to burn compare to 100 watt bulb with the same energy?
A. 10 times longer
B. 100 time longer
C. same time
D. none of the above
Ans.: A
Q.26 Which of the following is the least expensive protection for over current in low voltage system?
A. Rewireable fuse
B. Isolator
C. oil circuit breaker
D. Air break circuit breaker
Ans.: A
Q.27 ___ electric power is the most common method used by electrical grids to transfer power.
A. one phase
B. two phase
C. three phase
D. none of the above
Ans.: C
Q.28 What will happen if the primary of a transformer is connected to D.C supply?
A. transformer will operate with low efficiency
B. transformer will operate with high efficiency
C. no effect
D. transformer may start to smoke and burn
Ans.: D
Q.29 The time of closing the cycle, in modern circuit breaker is
A. 0.003 sec
B. 0.001 sec
C. 0.01 sec
D. 0.1 sec
Ans.: A
Q.30 The main disadvantages of having poor power factor are:
A. high cost of station and distribution equipment
B. poor voltage regulation
C. high energy loss in conductor
D. all of the above
Ans.: D
Q.31 Gujarat State Electricity Corp. Ltd is a ___
A. Transmission Company B. Distribution Company
C. Regulatory Commission
D. Power Generation Company
Ans.: D
Q.32 SF6 gas:
A. Is yellow in color
B. Is lighter than air
C. Is nontoxic
D. Has pungent smell
Ans.: C
Q.33 The following is correct:
A. P = V x I
B. P = v^2 x R
C. P = V^2 / R
D. all of the above
Ans.: D
Q.34 For 11 KV line te capacitance per km per phase will be of the order of:
A. 1 Farad
B. 0.1 Farad
C. 0.01 Farad
D. 0.01 micro Farad
Ans.: C
Q.35 Which unit holds data permanently?
A. input unit
B. secondary storage unit
C. output unit
D. primary memory unit
Ans.: B
Q.36 The minimum Oil Circuit breaker is named because of:
A. Reduced requirement of oil
B. Reduced requirement of air
C. all of the above
D. none of the above
Ans.: A
Q.37 Isolator in substation is open under__ condition?
A. No load
B. Short circuit
C. Full load
D. None of the above
Ans.: A
Q.38 Transformer has_____
A. Primary winding and secondary winding
B. Primary winding and auxiliary winding
C. auxiliary winding and secondary winding
D. none of the above
Ans.: A
Q.39 In fuel cell the ____ energy is converted into electrical energy.
A. mechanical
B. chemical
C. heat
D. Sound
Ans.: B
Q.40 If the displayed system time and date time is wrong, you can reset it using:
A. Task bar
B. Menu bar
C. Desk top
D. Control panel
Ans.: D


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