Q.46 Shunt capacitors are switched ON?
    A. when KVA demand on distribution system is decreases
    B. when KVA demand on distribution system is increases
    C. Both B and D
    D. voltage of the bus is drop
Ans.: C
Q.47 Capacitive reactive volt-amperes are to be injected when___
    A. The voltage at a bus falls below the reference value
    B. The voltage at a bus rise above the reference value
    C. The voltage is violate at reference value
    D. none of the above
Ans.: A
Q.48 An inductive VARs is injected to____
    A. rise the bus voltage
    B. lowers the bus voltage
    C. to lower the p.f
    D. to raise the power factor
Ans.: B
Q.49 In a SVS which of the following are employed as switching device?
    A. circuit breakers
    B. Isolators
    C. Thyristors
    D. Earth switches
Ans.: C
Q.50 Thyristors switches are advantages over mechanical switches__
    A. switching is faster
    B. transient free operation
    C. fast step less variable compensation can be provided
    D. all of the above
Ans.: D
Q.51 In Static VAR system, which of the following scheme is used?
    A. TSC
    B. TCR
    C. TCR-FC
    D. All of the above
Ans.: D
Q.52 Static VAR Compensations are__
    A. those which have no rotating parts
    B. used for compensation by stabilizing a long transmission line
    C. Both A and B
    D. either A or B
Ans.: C
Q.53 Static VAR Compensations are employed for___
    A. surge impedance compensation
    B. inductive reactance compensation
    C. Capacitive reactance compensation
    D. line resistance reduction
Ans.: A
Q.54 Under which of the following condition, Static VAR Compensations maintains constant voltage?
    A. load rejection
    B. under rapidly varying load
    C. under slowly varying load
    D. all of the above
Ans.: D
Q.55 ________ is improved by Static VAR Compensations.
    A. system stability
    B. Both A and D
    C. power flow of the system
    D. power factor of the system
Ans.: B
Q.56 _______ power is controlled by SVCs.
    A. active power
    B. apparent power
    C. reactive power
    D. all of the above
Ans.: C
Q.57 The current flowing through the inductor is controlled by_____ in static VAR Compensators.
    A. firing angles of the thyristors
    B. using variable reactors
    C. using tap changing transformer
    D. any of the above
Ans.: A
Q.58 During light load period the inductive load absorbed by the inductor is made__ than reactive power generated by the fixed capacitor.
    A. smaller
    B. larger
    C. remains constant at any load
    D. none of the above
Ans.:  B
Q.59 _____the reactive power generated by the fixed capacitor is made larger than the reactive power absorbed by the inductor
    A. During no load conditions
    B. During very light load conditions
    C. During heavy load conditions
    D. During charging of the transmission lines
Ans.: B
Q.60 Which of the following is connected to the line during the light load condition?
    A. series reactors
    B. series capacitors
    C. shunt reactors
    D. shunt resistors
Ans.: C

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