Q.76 In DC systems Capacitors is used__
    A. as a energy storage device
    B. for absorbing voltage surges
    C. in voltage grading circuits, electronic circuits
    D. all of the above
Ans.: D

Q.77 Why discharge resistors is used in capacitor bank?
    A. ensure safety after de-energisation
    B. ensure safety while charging
    C. Ensure safety while operating
    D. no resistors used in capacitor bank
Ans.: A

Q.78 The Capacitor elements can be connected in____ to get desired rated voltage of the bank.
    A. parallel
    B. series
    C. series parallel combination
    D. any of the above
Ans.: B

Q.79 In AC systems capacitors is used
    A. harmonic filters
    B. energy absorption
    C. surge absorption
    D. all of the above
Ans.: D

Q.80 To get desired MVAr rating of the capacitor bank, the capacitors are connected in___
    A. parallel
    B. series
    C. series parallel combination
    D. none of the above
Ans.: A

Q.81 The capacitor units are mounted _____
    A. horizontally on the racks
    B. Vertically
    C. either A or B
    D. neither A nor B
Ans.: C

Q.82 Which of the following is used for preventing rupture of the capacitor tank during internal fault?
    A. Relay
    B. Circuit breaker
    C. Fuse
    D. Arrestors
Ans.: C

Q.83 Capacitors are designed to operate at_____
    A. 100% of rated kVAr
    B. 110% of rated kVAr
    C. 135% of rated kVAr
    D. 150% of kVAr
Ans.: C

Q.84 The maximum peak voltage rating of the capacitor is equal to___
    A. 1.5√2 x rated voltage
    B. 1.2√3 x rated voltage
    C. 1.2√2 x rated voltage
    D. 1.5√3 x rated voltage
Ans.: C

Q.85 The kVAr output of the capacitor increases as___
    A. directly proportional to the applied voltage
    B. Square of the applied voltage
    C. inversely as square of the applied voltage
    D. cube of the applied voltage
Ans.: B

Q.86 The complete protection of capacitor bank is provided with____
    A. Circuit breaker
    B. surge arrestor
    C. Fuse
    D. all of the above
Ans.: D

Q.87 The bus voltage changes with
    A. change in load
    B. change in reactive power
    C. Both A and B
    D. change in frequency
Ans.: C

Q.88 Shunt reactor is switching during light load or no load to compensate___
    A. capacitive reactive power of line
    B. inductive reactive power of line
    C. capacitive active power of line
    D. inductive active power of line
Ans.: A

Q.89 the voltage at load point is improved by____
    A. series capacitor
    B. shunt capacitor
    C. shunt reactor
    D. series reactor
Ans.: B

Q.90 Use of shunt capacitors during____
    A. no load
    B. medium load
    C. heavy load
    D. all of the above
Ans.: C

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